Rohingya family reports missing relative in Buthidaung

A Rohingya man vanished last week when he was thought to be traveling between Buthidaung and Maungdaw north, his family says.
The alleged disappearance in the conflict-hit northern end of Rakhine State comes after months of “clearance operations” where security forces arrested over 500 suspects reportedly in connection with October attacks on border guard posts. Rohingya residents have made numerous accusations of arbitrary arrests and detentions in the wake of the clampdown, in addition to reporting rape, arson and murder. Several people have also gone missing and later been found dead in what the government has deemed “retaliatory attacks” on villagers who cooperated with the security officials.

Nabi Hussain, 35, was last seen on March 21 when the Myoma Ward resident set off to visit his mother-in-law in Myikaung Guang Swe village, according to Hassan, a relative.

Nabi Hussain’s wife, Maher Khatoon, confirmed the itinerary. She added that her mother had said that Nabi Hussain dropped by around 9am on March 21, and soon after departed. But he did not return home.

A Mikyaung Gaung Swe village elder claims to have seen Nabi Hussain being searched by security forces in a neighboring village.

Maher Khatoon said she filed a missing persons report with the Buthidaung township police.

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