Maungdaw drug smuggler arrested by BGB

A 26-year-old man from Maungdaw Town was arrested for smuggling methamphetamines across the border in Bangladesh on March 27, according to border guard officials.
The suspect, Abu Bakkar Siddique, was arrested with nearly 10,000 Yaba tablets in his possession, said Hakim, a Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) official.

Acting on a tipoff, a group of BGB from Safran village waited at the spot where a drug exchange was expected to take place. The suspect approached the BGB officers, but then realized he had been trapped and attempted to flee. Officers pursued, and the suspect was arrested.

According to the BGB official, the suspect had smuggled 9,972 Yaba tables across the border, with estimated retail value of 3 million Taka (US$37,300).

The suspect was transferred into the custody of the Teknaf police station for further interrogation, the BGB official added.

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