Rohingya publish own report on systematic Myanmar Army atrocities against women and attempted cover-up

A new report based on testimony of Rohingya women provides horrifying details of atrocities by Myanmar security forces during recent “clearance operations” in northern Rakhine State, and exposes official cover-up of these abuses, according to Kaladan Press statement released on February 27.

Report cover
Report cover

“Witness to Horror” is based on interviews with twenty-one women from nine villages in northern Maungdaw, who had fled to Bangladesh since the operations began in October 2016. The interviews were carried out by a Rohingya woman lawyer- Razia Sultana, based in Bangladesh, together with a Rohingya news agency – Kaladan Press Network.

Almost all the women had lost their husbands, who were either missing or killed by Myanmar troops, some in massacres of up to forty people. Half of the women had lost their children, in acts of appalling cruelty. Babies and young children had been burned alive, stamped to death, shot in front of them, or had their throat slit

Interviewees described how at least seventy women had been raped by Myanmar security forces, mostly when gathered at gunpoint in large groups outside their villages. Women and girls were pulled away to be raped in nearby houses, fields, forest or military camps. At least six rape victims were killed, some horribly mutilated.

Similarity of testimony by women from different villages show a clear pattern of abuses against civilians on a widespread scale, providing evidence that the abuses were committed systematically, with full command responsibility.

Villagers were rounded up by Myanmar security forces and forced to testify in front of video cameras that it was Rohingya militants who had committed abuses against them.

“The Myanmar authorities are hiding the truth at every level,” said Razia Sultana, the lawyer who carried out the interviews for the report.

“The Myanmar government must stop denying the atrocities, and hold their military to account.”

“Women have had the courage to speak out. The world must listen,” said Razia.

The report was produced by Kaladan Press and is available on their website



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