Injured Rohingya dies in Bangladesh

An injured Rohingya -Shah Alam (45), son of Syedul Amin from Tha Yet Oat (Mungala) village of Maungdaw north, arrived Bangladesh, Leda unregistered Refugee camp on December 19, for medical treatment, said Rafique, a refugee elder from the camp.
Shah Alam was shot and serious injured after armed forces attacked Tha yet Oat village, on December18 where he didn’t get any medical treatment and try to cross Bangladesh -Burma border, reached Unregistered Leda Refugee camp on December 19 morning, but died in the evening, according to Ms Fatema, the victim’s cousin daughter.

Shah Alam cousin daughter, Ms. Fatema was living in the Leda , unregistered Rohingya refugee camp, said, Haroon, a refugee from the camp

On being informed, a group of police of Teknaf police station went to the Leda camp and investigating the matter, Motolop, a camp leader said.

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