Government threaten local not to say anything about military action on civilian

Government authority – led the journalists to visit the affected areas- had threaten the local people not to say against the military on November 21, said Hashu, an elder from the affected areas.
In Nrar Khu Ya (Nga Khura) village, government called three Rohingyas and other some Hindu community -fake Rohingya- to meet the visiting journalists, where MOI official had threatened the village admin officer and Rohingyas not to say anything, Hashu added.

“Don’t say anything except what we had told”, the MOI official said.

The authority show Hindu community who talk on behalf of Rohingya villagers – as per giving ideas to them – to visiting journalist, Ashique, an elder from the areas.

The visiting journalists groups visit near Kyein Chaung (Bali Bazar) seven houses (Haet gorja para) village where authority brought 10 females from the village and threaten them not to say against the armed forces. But, one females talk to the visiting journalists told about how the armed forces had done on civilian – raping the females, burnt down the villages, killing, arresting without act and destroyed the property (paddy stack, looting Rohingyas’ house hold belonging), Ashique added.

After giving the statement, the authority collected the name of female, village and detail of her, said the female’ relative who denied his name.

Most of the local people – Rohingyas- are not will to give statement for threaten by authority and forced to say what authority want, to the journalists, so, the villagers did not want to meet the journalists, said Halim, a human rights watch dog from Maungdaw.

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