Breaking News :No local Rohingya villagers meet MOI lead journalists

No Rohingya villagers will meet the Ministry of Information lead journalists tomorrow -December 20, said Hamidul Rahaman who is a victim of “clearance” operation by recent Burmese armed forces in Northern Maungdaw.
Ministry of Information lead journalists arrived Maungdaw today- December 19 and will visit the areas where armed forces claim to search alleged Rohingya armed group and killed, rape, burnt, loot and arrested innocent Rohingya villagers and all the Rohingya villagers hope they will exposed their harassment to journalists to inform all over the world people, Hamidul more said.

But, we get information from Maungdaw, the journalists will lead by MOI officers and Arakan state government officers and armed forces are roundup our villages, threaten us not told real happened and armed forces action, said Amin, form affected village.

It seen like before vice president U Myint Swe lead commission, armed force around the village and beaten us not to meet, not to say. But, we resisted and met the commission told real happen to us by armed force. The commission lied and gave false information to the world and protected the armed forces, Amin more added.

So, this time, we are not giving any information to anyone who came with security force and MOI with Arakan state government, said local villagers.

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