Mother, daughters gang raped in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burmese army and Natala villagers gang raped mother and her two minor daughters in Myau Taung (Sali Pyin) village of Maungdaw north on December 4, an elder Zarmuluk said from the village.
On that day, at around 1:00 pm, four soldiers along with three Natala villagers enter the house of one villager named Jalal (not real name) in the village in bad intention, he more added.

At this moment, fearing of the arrest, the house owner Jalal ran away from the house and he was hiding himself somewhere. Taking this opportunity, the soldiers along with Natala villager gang raped Jala’s wife and her two minor daughters. They raped them in front of each other, in an uncivilized manner, a close relative of the victims said, on condition of anonymity.

Ms. Begum (not real name), 35 years and her two daughter 14 years and  12 years, are the victims of rape.

The Burmese armed forces are arresting Rohingya civilians arbitrarily and torture and frequently gang rape Rohingya women and girls though Burmese government is being pressured by international community, a businessman Rohim said from Maungdaw north.

“Burmese government is using rape as a weapon of war,” the businessman more said.

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