Rohingya old man tortured by army at Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: An elderly Rohingya man, on the way to a local mosque for Asar (evening) Prayer, was severely tortured by Burmese army at Maungdaw north on December 5 at around 3:30 pm, Sarwar said from the village.
The victim is identified as Kala Meah (72), son of Mohamed Esuf, hailed from Ngakura village of Maungdaw north, he more added.

Kala Meah was stopped by the army on the way to mosque and tortured severely without any provoking to army. He is in critical condition now and no medical treatment as no doctor and no medicine in the areas for restriction movement and blockage of armed forced, Hamid Hussin, a watchdog of Rohingya situation in Maungdaw.

There is no rule of law in northern Arakan, the army and the BGP personnel arrest, torture and kill Rohingya people in randomly, an elderly man Jasim said from the area.

“We are not allowed to go anywhere, and even not allowed to go out of the home in our village. How can we survive?” said Mujib from the locality.

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