Ration looting from Rohingya villagers

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burmese Army along with Border Guard Police (BGP) and Local Rakhine goons plundering ration from Rohingya villagers of Maung Nama village tract of Maungdaw Townsip on December 1 in the morning, a village elder Bakker said from Maung Nama Alay Wra village.
They went to the village tract on December 1, at 9 am, with two trucks and loading 250 bags of rice from Rofigue (32), hailed from Maung Nama Alay Wra (village). They also looted some gallons of edible oil and his other household things from the shop and many properties were also taken away from the villagers after loading two trucks, he more added.

The army arrested Nurul Haque (53), son of Johir Ahmed and his two sons Jaffar (42), and Aman Ullah (35) from Maung Nama south village. The two sons are not mentally good. The army and the local Natala villagers insulted women and torture the villagers. The local Rakhine goons shot to Rohingya villages with slingshot. At present, army established three temporarily army camp in the village tract, a businessman from the village tract said who denied to be named.

They also took away a car named Hilux from Rashid Hussain who lives in Maung Nama Alay Wra village. An army officer asked the villagers of Maung Nama South to move from the village, so the villagers were moving from the village and taking shelter in neighboring villages, he added.

Two hundred army personnel accompanied by Natala villagers went to Hati Para   (Sin Thae Pyin) village track and plundered Hati Para east and Hati Para Alay Wra villages again and took away Kyat 450, 500/- from women and raped women and girls on November 30, at around 9:00 am. They also destroyed kitchen materials, setting cloths on fire, and taken away other useful things, Dolil Ahmed Shek said from the village.

After slaughtering two cows and 5 goats for lunch and dinner, they enjoyed as like as a picnic, and also enjoyed with Rohingya women the whole night, but they went there for military operation. This is the easiest operation because they have only to attack armless villagers and women, he further said.

They also arrested two villagers—Moulvi Idris (35), son of Osi Rahman and Boshor (23), son of Shoritulla of Dil Para village of Hati Para village tract and brought to their camp and two motor cycles were also looted from the village.  At present, 2/3 villagers fled from the village, but army again and again attacked the village to flee remaining villagers, Boshor said from the village.

Besides, the Burmese army along with Natala villagers went to Balu Khali and Powet Chaung villlages of Powet Chaung village Tract under Maungdaw Township and took away many cows from villagers on December 1, Moker Ali said from Powet Chaung village.

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