BGB chief visits at Bangladesh-Burma border

Teknaf, Bangladesh: The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Chief visited along the Bangladesh-Burma border and observed the situation of Rohingya influx into Bangladesh from Burma on November 25, according to BGB officials.
Major General Abul Hossain of BGB Director General briefed the media after visiting border with Burma in Cox’s Bazar on November 25. The chief said that Rohingyas are sneaking into the country through several points along the Burma- Bangladesh border with the help of some brokers and give money to syndicates for entering the Bangladesh.

Major General also said, some Rohingyas are entering Bangladesh through the border including River Naff. But it is not possible for the BGB alone to provide 100 percent security along the 271-kilometre border that includes 63 kilometers of waterways.

About the plight of Rohingyas, “It’s the era of globalization. There is no scope of hiding anything. The people across the globe are watching what is happening in Myanmar, Major General Hossain added.

“We are no one’s enemy. We have good relations with the countries that share border with us,” the Chief more said.

However, the Border Guard Bangladesh chief urged the local people help their governments to stop the influx of Rohingyas.

But, the BGB is preventing intrusion of Rohingyas even after this (persecution by Myanmar) and providing humanitarian help while pushing them back, the chief more added.

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