Army’s activities against Rohingya villagers at Maungdaw

The army and BGP jointly raided the villages – Maung Nama south, Nari Bill, Nanda Khali, Wabeik, and Abojja Para of Mingalar village tract and arrested many villagers including elderly people and even boys aged 12 to 13 years, Omor  from Abojja village said.
After arrest, they were tortured and brought to Aung Mingala BGP camp, where they were interrogated. The army arrested 12 villagers from Maung Nama south village, 6 villagers from Abojja village of Mingala village tract, but it is not clear how many villagers were arrested from— Kular Bill, Nari Bill, Nandakhali (Thekay Pyin) and Wabeik villages of Maungdaw north, Omar more added.

Besides, the army also arrested 15 villagers from fleeing villagers who are staying in the paddy field nearby Thu Oo Hla (Kular Bill) village by making tents. They are from other villages fleeing from their original villages because of their villages had been burned down earlier. The army also plundered cash and gold ornaments from fleeing women villagers and took away cows from other villages, Lalu Mea from this displaced group said.

In addition, army also attacked the Hati Para (Sin Thae Pyin) village of Maungdaw north today, at about 11:00am, and arrested 30 villagers, and shooting to 6 villagers while fleeing from the village. Of them, two villagers were dead on the spot after acute bleeding, and the four other wounded are in critical condition because of lack of medical treatment, Boshor, a businessman said from the village.

However, 4 houses were burned down at Nurullah Para (village) of Maungdaw south, at around 10:00am, today, Soe Hla from the village sai

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