Army and Border security force seized cattle in Maungdaw

The Burmese army and Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) seized many cattle from Rohingya villages on November 26, and brought to BGP headquarters of Kyigan Pyin (Kawar Bill) village of Maungdaw north, a village elder Dolil from Maung Nama village said.
Today, at around 12:00 noon, some armies along with BGP personnel and some Natala villagers came to Maung Nama village and seized many cattle, mostly cows from the villages while villagers ran away from the village for fear of arrest and torture.  Villagers were seeing from far distance from hiding places when their cattle were being driving to BGP Headquarters from the villages by Natala villagers, army and BGP, he more added.

According to a village businessman named Jalal, estimated over 1,000 cows have been taken away by army and BGP personnel. Earlier, they took away 2 to 3 cows or goats for their ration, but now, they took away many cows from the Rohingya villages. It means, they intend to cripple Rohingyas’ economy.

In addition, Natala villagers were taking away other properties including household things from Rohingya homes by truck, said a woman named Ms Zarina from the village.

Now, Rohingya villagers become—homeless, food-less, cattle less and port less for cooking. Is there any means to survive in the village, for Rohingya villagers? said and elderly villager on condition of anonymity.

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