Terrified the Kyaa Gaung Taung villagers in Maungdaw

The Burmese army terrified the Rohingya villagers of Kyaa Gaung Taung village under  Maungdaw north such as—arresting, looting, raping women and girls, and set on firing the homes on November 22, Belal from the village said.
On that day, early morning, the Burmese army raided the said village (Rabailla), and seized five motorcycles and some Solar Panels; and plundered valuables and destroyed immovable properties in the homes, he more added.

The army, in some houses, physically abused the women in the name of body-search, while in some other house; they gang-raped some women.  Besides, the troops tortured some children and elderly people they met on their way and arrested 25 innocent villagers from the village, a trader named Abu from the village said.

The army forced the women from the village to come out from their homes and gather with the 25 arrested villagers at a paddy field and kept them as hostage from sunset to till 11:00 pm. During this time, the army gang raped many women, another villager Sobbir said.

Meanwhile, they also set on fire the remaining houses at the Sommonna village of Kya Gaung Taung village tract, he further said.

The army burnt down Aamir Hussein’s homes from Kya Gaung Taung village on November 22 at about 8:00am, he added.

However, the government has completely denied the allegations that the security forces have committed abuses and the alleged Rohingya armed group are responsible for the destruction of the buildings. But, the government has continued to block journalists, humanitarian aid workers, and human rights investigators to travel to the impacted areas, according to sources.

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