Refugee boy killed in forest

Teknaf, Bangladesh: An official Rohingya refugee boy of Nayapara camp was killed in nearby forest of the camp by unknown people on November 22, Nuru, a refugee from Nayapara camp said.
The deceased has been identified as— Nobi Hussain (12), son of Mohamed Hussain, MRC# 48603, Block-H, Shed # 603/3, of Nayapara official camp under the Teknaf police station of Cox’s Bazar district.

Today in the morning, Nobi Hussain went to nearby forest with some goats – family farm in the camp- for grazing, Md. Hussain, the father of deceased said.

Local goons from Lada village who forcefully took two goats one month ago, may kill my son, said Mohamed Hussin, the father of  Nobi Hussain.

However, some refugees saw the boy was being hanged to a tree. So, the refugees immediately sent him to Nayapara refugee clinic but the doctor declared that he was dead.

On being tipped off, police personnel and village headman Mohamed Ali of Mousani village went to the spot at around 4:00 pm where the boy was killed, according to refugees.

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