Army’s other outrages at Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The Burmese troops from Kyeing Chaung (Bowli Bazaar) village raided Shariff Hussein (40 ), son of Hafizu Rahman at the village on November 19, and plundered Kyat 3 million worth of food rations and valuable properties,  Seraz from Bawli Bazar said.
In Bawli Bazar market, there is nothing left in the shops, as army, Border Guard Police (BGP) personnel and Natala villagers plundered all things from the Rohingya shop except Rakine shops, he more added.

At around 50- Burmese troop surround Myaw Taung (Sali Pyin) village on November 21, and all the males fled for fear of arrests. So, they tortured the disabled and the old people found in the village.  After that, the troops gathered women villagers in one place and asked them to be present their husbands in the village within three days, otherwise, they will be punished severely. After that they started   raping the women, and estimated about 20 women were raped, another villager Lalu said from the village.

The Burmese army also raid the Balu Khali (Thee Chaung) and Powet Chaung village and arrested two villagers and tortured severely on November 22, in the morning. All the villagers fled from village for fear of arrest and torture. As a result, the army gathered all the village females to a local school and asked them to be present their husbands within three days, otherwise, they will burn down all the houses and released all, in the evening, a businessman Salam said from the locality.

Thousands of people impacted by the violence in the villages of Maungdaw north have been without aid for six weeks. Despite assurances from the Burmese government that aid access to all impacted areas would be restored, many of the most significantly affected areas remain sealed to humanitarian assessment teams and human rights groups, sources said

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