94 villagers arrested on suspects Militants at Maungdaw

94 villagers were arrested by army on suspicion, members from an alleged Rohingya armed group from six villages of Maungdaw north on November14 and 17, a villager Maroof said from Grat Chaung village.
59 villagers arrested on November 17 while they are watching their reaming houses and property – paddy in the field and domestic animals. In the arrestees – 11 males are old age and one 15-year-old boy, Hamid, Rohingya situation watchdog in Maungdaw north.

The arrestees are heavily tortured to convict as a member of an alleged Rohingya armed group and received training. Two of the arrestees are convicted and giving statement as per armed office desired – set on fired the Rohingya houses, attacking Burmese armed forces. One arrestee had denied to say as per armed forces, he was tortured till become unconscious and sent to Maungdaw hospital with remark of sickness, he more said.

“He will die in Hospital soon”, said a closed aide of hospital.

Similarly,the 35 arrestee villagers are originally from Grat Chaung, Sin Gri Para and Meazinna Konna villages of Lone Don village tract of Maungdaw north and arrested by army on November 14. After arrest, they were equipped with knives, wooden sticks – bring from near Rakhine villages- to take pictures and to shoot video to show it to international community, according to a villager from Sin Gri Para named Kholil.

Most of the arrestee villagers are between aged 14 to 50 old, he more added,

Burmese government also said on November 14, some 17 houses in Kykhut Chaung village in Maungdaw were torched by an alleged Rohingya armed group. It is totally false and fabricated propaganda to blame the Rohingya villagers, a businessman from Meazinna Konna village said on condition of anonymity.

If the Burmese government is sincere, why didn’t allow international and local journalists to report the real events from northern Arakan? But, Burmese government wants for hiding their crimes committed against the Rohingya people from public and international community, the businessman more added.

According to villagers, the alleged Rohingya armed group never torched Rohingya houses in the villages and other ethnic group village or houses. The Burmese army and BGP personnel are burning down the Rohingya houses daily. They also arrested villagers by accusing them as member of an alleged Rohingya armed group and killing them by shooting discriminately. It is very intolerable that army and BGP assaulted Rohingya women and girls every day. Villagers are now passing their days and nights in northern Arakan with fear of arrest and killing.

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