Breaking News :100 Rohingya families stuck on Naf River bank in Maungdaw

More than 100 Rohingya families had stuck at Mingalagyi creek on Naf River bank since November 12, after attacked by Burmese military with helicopter-gunship to unarmed civilian in Maungdaw north, according to Hamid Hussin, a watchdog for recent situation of Maungdaw.
The Internal displace people – 100 Rohingya families – had stuck at Mingalagyi village under the Burmese border guard police (BGP) area number 6, which has no problem peaceful area, but the BGP and armed personnel are not allowing Mingalagyi villagers to support foods and other survival stuffs.  This IDPs are facing foods, medicines and water. The IDP Rohingyas had established 50 tents and need more shelters for them, Hamid more said.

The security force had restricted their movement, the IDP can’t able to move another place where they can able to survive and the border is so tight, so the IDP can’t able to cross the Naf River border, said Asharff, an elder from the area.

On the other hand, Bangladesh border guard force (BGB) arrested more than 86 Rohingyas – 40 females, 21 males and 25 children – on November 14 and 15 and pushed back on November 15 at 2:00pm after giving foods stuffs and medical treatment, said Abu Rasel Siddik, the BGB officer of Teknaf battalion No. 2.

According to different sources, more Rohingya are trying to enter the Bangladesh to save their lives but BGB preventing enter to Bangladesh by increasing tight security along the border areas again since November 12 after attacking by the military helicopter-gunship in northern Arakan State.

According to Arakan Rohingya National Organization (ARNO) dated November 15, stated, “From 12 November the Myanmar armed forces have intensified combined military and police crackdown on the ordinary Rohingya villagers using helicopter gunships, tanks and artillery. There are instances that all members of some families were shot dead. Those who were fleeing, on being terrified, were blocked and killed by machine gun firing in paddy fields, dales and creeks particularly in and around the Rohingya villages of Myaw Taung, Dargyizar, Yekhechaung Kwasone, Pwinpyu Chaung, Thu Oo La, Longdun, Kyin Chaung (Bawli Bazar) and Wabaek in Northern Maungdaw.”

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