Military’s offensive continues in Maungdaw

Many Rohingya villagers are frightened and fleeing from their villages as the Burmese army and BGP offensive continues on Rohingya villages in Maungdaw north, Rakib from Sali Pyin village said.
The casualties of Rohingya villagers have been increasing for lack of treatments, scarcity of medicines and shortage of food in the villages, he more added.

More than 4,000 people have been displaced in five Rohingya villages— Yekai Chaung Kwasone (Boro Gozi Bil), Dar Gyi Zar (Choto Gozi Bill), Myaw Taung (Sali Pyin), Pwint Phyu Chaung (Zam Moinna) and Thu Oo Hla (Kular BilL) — as their homes were burnt down; and their food stores and food supply were destroyed by the army on November 12, another villager Babu from Thu Oo Hla said.

Over 100 villagers including men, women and children were wounded and nearly 30 were killed for ground and air attacks, another village elder Shukur Meah from Boro Gozi Bill said.

Besides, On November 13, from morning to evening the army continues to torch villages – Kyaa Gaung Taung (Rabailla), Choto Gozi Bill, Bawli Bazar, and Bora Shiddar Para – again and assault civilians and arrest more villagers, a village elder from Rabailla said on condition of anonymity.

Mostly, houses of Sali Pyin (Myaw Taung) village had been burnt down on November 12 and 13 and the rest of the houses are being burnt down, on November 13 at around          11:00am. Moreover, the houses of Boro Gozi Bill, Choto Gozi Bill and Kular Bill village are also burning down at the same time. The army is shooting to the villagers while fleeing and burning the houses. Two mosques and one Madrasa of Sali Pyin have been burnt down completely on November 12; a religious leader from Sali Pyin said who did not mention his name for security reason.

Moulvi Shalam (55), son of Sayed Ahmed including his seven family members (wife. sons and daughters) from small Gozo Bill were shot dead by army while fleeing from the house on November 12. They were shot to death in front of the yard of the house, a close relative of the victim Mohamed said.

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