Army helicopters conduct air-strikes on Rohingya villages

Burmese two army helicopters were conducting air-strikes on Rohingya villages of Maungdaw north on November 12, at about 3:45pm which made civilian casualties are frighteningly on the increase, a villager Shobbir said from the locality.
The army helicopters conducted air-strikes on such villages—- Dar Gyi Zar villages (Choto Gozi Bill) of Maungdaw north. At around, 5 PM, the Burmese army torched homes at Boro Gozi Bill again and today’s bombing, one Maulana was killed and another Rohingya woman was wounded, he more added.

Most of the villagers run away from the villagers for heavy firing and the army held and keep in the school – 45 Rohingya ( 5 male and 40 female) while fleeing to near village to escape from firing. After 7:00 pm, the army took the 5 male from the school and remaining 40 female are still keeping in the school, said a reliable source from Maungdaw.

Besides, the Burmese army has resumed heavy assaults on the Rohingya villages of Maungdaw north such as —Sali Pyin and Amtolla villages and the villagers including men, women and children are fleeing from the village for fear of army on November 12, at around 8:30am. Some villagers were wounded and some houses were burnt down, Robiul Hassan said from the village.

Currently, the Rohingya villages such as—Sali Pyin, Boro Gozi Bill, Choto Gozi Bill ( Dar Gyi Zar),  Zamm Moinna, Thu Oo Hla ( Kular Bill) are under attacks by the Burmese soldiers. Many people were wounded in Sali Pyin village for army’s discriminate firing, Mehdi Khan said from the village.

In addition, the Burmese troops begin setting fire of Rohingya homes at villages such as—Sali Pyin (Myau Taung) and Yai Kai Chaung using fire launchers, in the evening, Khan more added.

Yesterday, two Rohingya brothers—Rohimullah (26) and Aman Ullah (23) were arrested by army from Baggona village of Maungdaw south. Elder brother Rohimulla secured degree from Sittwe Collage and earning money by setting up a shop and the younger brother is a religious teacher. They are sons of Nazir Ahmed and they are accused for defaming Burmese government through Facebook, according to sources.

“A youth said, “This is the first time, Burmese army attacks Rohingya villages by army helicopters.

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