Army’s continuous persecution to Rohingya villagers

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The army raided Rohingya villages of Maungdaw Township inhumanely. All the women villagers were separated from male villagers, a village elder Jabed Ali said from the village.
The army raided to Nanda Khali (Son Khala) village of BGP area No.6 of Maungdaw north, on November 11, in the morning, after driving all the women from their homes  to a local primary school. After that they started their operation against the women such as— searching their whole bodies including nipples and asked them where their husbands are, looting their gold ornaments and cash, the villager more added.

They also arrested one villager named Hafez Esuf (42), son of Dowashi from the said village. The relatives of the victim do not know his whereabouts is till writing the report, according to family members.

Besides, on November 10, army forced a villager Noor Mohamed (aka) Kyaw Naing of Zim Bin Nya village of Maungdaw north to set fire his own house and asked him to open a case against six villagers who are absent from the homes and the army mentioned the villagers’ names. In this way, the army pursued the villager to become their close agent; a trader from the locality said who did not say his name for security reason.

At present, army wearing civilian clothes, not in uniform, went to Rohingya villages to arrest the villagers, the trader more added.

In addition, the Burmese soldiers along with BGP arrested four Rohingya villagers and destroyed dozens of homes at Thawan Chaung (Bossara) village of southern Maungdaw, on November 10 morning, Mubarek from the village said.

They looted the villagers’ properties and destroyed and then they checked the members every residence according to the family list, he said more.

While conducting the searches, they arrested four villagers from one family for only finding some iron rods and wooden sticks in the house. Rahmat Ulah (28), Sayedul Amin(24) and  Nazim Ullah, (16) and their father had been arrested.. The three sons are carpenters, another villager said on condition of anonymity.

After arrest, they were tortured and brought to the KoeTan Kauk BGP Camp. Since then, the relatives did not get any information about them, the villager added.

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