BGP torch house of women teacher in Maungdaw south

Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) personnel from Myient Hlut torched a women teachers’ house who lives there as temporally on November 7, Mohin from Maungdaw said.
Four BGP personnel from Myient Hlut BGP camp went to the village and torched the women teachers’ house on November 7 at around 7:00 pm while Rohingya Sentries were on duty in the outpost. But, the Rohingya sentries had been fastened with a rope and photographed forcibly by BGP, he more added.

During the torching house, intelligent department (Sarapa) barred the BGP forces not to torch the house, but they (BGP) didn’t take any attention on it. The women teachers’ house is closed to the BGP camp, according to sources.

Seeing the fire, some villagers including village Admin officer of Myient Hlut rushed to the spot and caught four BGP personnel. After catching, they were handed over  to the BGP officer in charge of Myient Hlut BGP camp, Refun said from the locality.

The BGP officer to told the villagers, will handle and solve the problem, said a villager on condition anonymity.

However, on November 8, morning, BGP fired to a villager who was selling fowls but luckily he was not hit. The villagers are very afraid of military and BGP because they will attack the villagers of Myient Hlut at any time, the villager more added.

A village elder said, “Army and BGP have no fear or any obstacle to kill Rohingya people, torching homes and looting properties.”

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