Ten shops and one house set on fire in Sittwe

Sittwe, Arakan State: Ten shops and one house owned by Rohingya community were burnt downed into ashes by security force Hluntin November 6, in Sittwe (Akyab), the capital of Arakan, according to a villager named Sajedd from Debye village of Sittwe.
On November 6, around 2:30 am, security force Hluntin set on fire the said shops and house of Debye village of Sittwe while all the shopkeepers went to their homes after closing the shops, Sajedd more added.

All the shops are grocery shops excepting two shops – one is tea shop and another one is clothing shop. Mostly, refugees of Debye camp depend on these shops because of movement restriction, a refugee Maung Saw said from the camp through mobile.

The local civilian Rakhines and government service men (including Rakhine armed forces) do not satisfy with the recent crackdown of Rohingya people in Maungdaw, Rathedauung and Buthidaung Townships. They want immediately to uproot all Rohingyas from Arakan soils. Therefore, all the Rakhines are trying to press Rohingya community by any means in everywhere they meet in Arakan. As a result, the Hlun Htin of Debye security force set on fire the said shops and house, an elder from Sittwe said on condition of anonymity.

Military has designated the Maungdaw and Rathedaung areas as an “operation zone” where systematic human rights violation against Rohingyas by the military during their combing operations, the elder more added.

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