Army and BGP speed up their brutality against Rohingya in Maungdaw

Army and Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) speed up their brutality against Rohingya villagers after visiting a high-level delegation of UN, USA and EU in Maungdaw and Rathedaung Townships, Mir Naser said from Maungdaw north
Military assaults are continuing on Rohingya innocent civilians after October 9 attacks by unknown group, Naser more added.

Here are some sorts of assaults by army and BGP personnel against Rohingya villagers.

Army raided the Koe Tan Kauk (Don Say Para) village of Rathedaung Township on November 5 at about 8:00am and arrested one religious teacher Abul Kasim (47), son of Abdul Aziz. He was severely tortured and has been taken away to unknown place. The army also arrested about 70 villagers, mostly youths and another two Moulvis Halim (35), son of shoffique and Rahmat Ullah (45) son of Bahadu were also arrested but the two were shot dead. The village was surrounded by army since 3:00 am, arrested villagers and severely tortured.  They also looted gold ornaments from women villagers, a village elder Nazir Mea said.

Moreover, the army also raided Shaira Para of Baggona village tract of Maungdaw Township today, at around 8:00 am and beat up the villagers and did not know the arrest of the villagers, a business man of the village said on condition of anonymity.

Burmese army and Border Guard Police (BGP) plundered three homes nearby madrasa of Nurullah Para village of Maungdaw south on November 4, at mid night, according to an ex- trader from the village.

In addition, November 4, at around 10:00 am, an elderly villager Sayed Korim (62), son of Sayed Ahmed was beaten up severely by BGP personnel while he was looking his paddy field in Mangala (Tha Ra Oo) village of Maungdaw north. Now, he is in the home, taking medical treatment. Villagers say, he will die soon because of lack of medicine and proper treatment. Villagers are not allowed to go out of their villages to buy anything, Noor Ali said from the village.

On November 3, Maulana Mohamed Amin (80), head of the Nari Bill village Madrasa of Maungdaw north was dead for lack of medical treatment and was buried yesterday in his village cemetery, said a close relative of the dead body.

However, in Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships, children under age of 6 and 7 have been dying for lack of medicines and medical treatment, according to villagers.

On the other hand, today, at around 9:00 am, army arrested eight persons from Powet Chaung village of Powet Chaung village tract of Maungdaw north. They are identified as—Kamal and his three sons, Abdu Shukur,  Forid Ahmed, Mubarek  (25), son of Khobir Ahmed and son of Salamat, one of the fathers said on condition of anonymity.

Mostly, army targeting young people, to arrest and killings, and they will destroy whole Rohingya community in this operation, if the operation is not stopped immediately, a politician from Maundaw Town said.

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