Armed forces freely insulting Rohingya female

Burmese army personnel and Border Guard Police (BGP) have been freely insulting Rohingya females following attack of BGP three check-posts including BGP headquarters by unknown armed group in Maungdaw and Rathedaung Townships on October 9, a businessman Zalal Uddin Sha from Maungdaw Town said.  The areas – Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships – are also under the military operation zone – so called the operation clean, no journalists and aid workers have been allowed to go inside these areas, he more added.

Rohingya villagers are being forcibly removed from their houses and villages, some are able to find shelter in neighboring villages, but most of the villagers have been sleeping in paddy fields. Some villages were totally burnt down into ashes such as —Krakyu Pyin village and Hartgoza Para of Maungdaw north. The fleeing Rohingya will die in short time for short of foods. These people need foods and medicines, requested to any organization or NGO to help them, a schoolteacher from Maungdaw north said on condition of anonymity.

However, on October 24, about 100- army raided Hati Para (Sansay Pyin) villages and arrested villagers, raped the women and girls when met with them in the village. From neighboring, Rakhine Natala villagers also went to the villages and looting—- cattle, goats, fowls, rice, salt, pea, garlic, clothes, other household things and etc, a villager Noor said.

Besides, on October 24, army killed 15 villagers from Naisa Pru village of Maungdaw north and on October 25, in the evening, army raided the Nari Bill (Kyauk Pyin Seik) village and Sorfodin Bill village of Maungdaw Township where the army gang raped five young girls. All the villagers (males) were fleeing from the villages leaving their family members for fear of arrest, torture and detention, a man named Salay said who has been fleeing from the village for fear of arrest and torture by army.

In addition, on October 26, army arrested 4 villagers from Ziban Khali village and another 4 villagers were arrested from Kular Bill village.  On that day, another 10 villagers were also arrested from Naisa Pru (Ngasa Gru) village while praying in a mosque. The same day, 5 women and girls were raped by army at Singiri Para of Naisa Pru village tract. Besides, many women were gang raped by army at Hla Phoe Gaung village and a  25 year Rohingya female was gang rape in  Mutu Para (village).  In the evening, aAnother woman, in the evening, was raped by army at Mura Para (village) of Ngan Chaung ( Naing Chaung) village tract, according to villagers.

Kaladan Press didn’t able to publish the exact figure for collecting information is very difficulties in the ground and females didn’t expose the matter they had been insulted, according to an educated person from Maungdaw north.

Meanwhile, the armed forces looted ornaments from females after raped and villages while operating so-called Operation Clean, said villagers.

Villagers don’t get any information within the village and even didn’t know what happen to their family members for movement restriction, the villagers more said.

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