What is happening in Maungdaw Township?

Different groups of military have been conducting operations against the Rohingya villages separately in Maungdaw townships since October 15, Mohin from Maungdaw said. The military raided in different villages such as— Kulun village, Shitapurika, Hazi Para, Buhamu Para, Lamar Para of Aley Than Kyaw village tract and etc. under the Maungdaw south, he added.

According to villagers, the military went to every house and checked all goods including cupboards. They seized knives and small swords of villagers. They checked the villagers with their family lists, but most of the male villagers ran away from the villages leaving their women folks for fear of arrest and torture by army.

In Maungdaw north, on October 15, the army entered the Borashikdar Para (village), Tolatoli village and checked the villagers, and also burnt down the Pawet Chaung village (near Rakhine village).at noon, Hakim from the village said.

On October 17, villagers were asked to destroy all their fences that had been made around the houses, villagers said.

On October 18, around 10 am, a young boy was carrying a bag of rice in Maung Nama village and met by BGP personnel while they were patrolling by a car, the boy was severely tortured by BGP and released, a young man from the locality said.

In the morning of October 18, , army entered the Naitha Pru village of Maungdaw north and checked the villagers according to their family lists, but male villagers were fleeing from the village leaving the females because of arrest and torture, according to a villager.

It is learnt that the ex-Commander of BGP (Border Guard Police) of Kawar Bill of Maungdaw was sacked and the new Commander Col Thura Than Lwin was appointed as commander of Kawar Bill headquarters.

The said new Commander arrested seven villagers from Ngakura village of Maungdaw north. The Ngakura BGP camp was attacked on October 9 by unknown armed groups, said Kulu from the village.

A villager, on condition of anonymity said that army also looted valuable goods such as   gold ornaments from villagers.

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