More military harassment in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: More Burmese military are being deployed in Maungdaw Township recently and going persecution continuously against the Rohingya people after attacking three BGP(Border Guard Police)  camps on October 9, Mohin from Maungdaw said.
The Rohingya Muslims are not able to go outside from their houses at night and day because of imposing curfew against the Rohingya villagers. So, Rohingya villagers can’t work for their survival, even though they didn’t reap their paddy fields, he more added.

On October 23 and 24, Rakhine villagers, especially Natala villagers were looting goods from the Rohingya villages of Sonmmana of Maungdaw south, Kawar Bill village of Maungdaw north, Maung Nama village of Maungdaw north, Lone Don village, Ketir Saar, and Zadi Para of Lone Don village tract while army were checking villages, especially women and children. Women were brutally checked by army and some women and girls were raped by army during the checking time. All the male villagers including boys (over 10-year) ran away from the villages for fear of arrest and torture of army, according to villagers.

During the checking, army personnel (they) looted money and gold ornaments from the women, a woman Ms. Sharifa (naked name) said from Maungdaw south.

Thousands of Rohingya people are facing difficulties from the shortage of food in the areas of Maungdaw, said a village Admin officer on condition of anonymity.

Border Guard Police of Burma (BGP) ordered to Rohingya villagers to demolish the fences of houses in Maungdaw. If anyone doesn’t follow the order of the concerned authorities, he/she will be punished according to the law.

On October 23, Kawar Bill (Kyigang Pyin) village, which is nearby BGP headquarters, was ordered to remove the houses within two hours, by army. So, the villagers were fleeing from the village yesterday. But, today, the army calls all the villagers to come again to their village. When the villagers went to the village today, the army surrounding the village from all sides and arrested nearly 50 villagers including boys. The fate of the arrestees is unknown so far, said Kumir from the village.

Burma have started building 30 new check-posts along the country’s border with Burma-Bangladesh in an effort to beef up security in the northern part of Arakan state following deadly attacks on border police in this month, a government official said on Friday, October 21.

At present, there are already 96 border check-posts in Maungdaw, and will be 126 check-posts in future, said Chan Thar, Rakhine state’s social welfare minister.

An elder from Maungdaw said, the Rohingya people urge the International community and present ruling government NLD to stop human rights violations, killing innocent Rohingya villagers and arson attacks to houses, arbitrary arrest and rape and help displaced people urgently in Maungdaw townships.

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