Arbitrary arrest and killings in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan state:   Rohingya villagers are arbitrary arrested and killed by BGP in Maungdaw Township after the attack of three BGP camps including headquarters by unknown armed group on October 9, Monzur Fokir said from Maungdaw Town.
Eleven villagers were arrested from Ngakura  village of Maungdaw north on October 18, at about 1:00 pm by BGP (Border Guard Police) of Burma/ Myanmar for interrogations over the attack of Ngakura BGP camp on October 9, by unknown armed group.  They were arrested by calling them into camp, he more added.

However, of them, two villagers Zinna Khan (40), son of Mohamed Alam and Ludiya (Khin Maung (50). son of Dildar Ahmed were killed on October 19 in BGP Ngakura camp  while forcibly taking confessional statements by torturing. They are rich man of the village and Later on, one son of Ludia  and  4 sons of Jinnah Khan ( age under 17 to 28) were also brought to the BGP camp  of Ngakura on the same day. The fate of them is not known immediately. The two dead bodies were buried in Maungdaw town later, a relative of Ludia said on condition of anonymity.

However, some media said that they were dead because of heart disease. They have no heart diseases, said another relative.

A group of BGP dug a hole in Ngakura village and put a local made gun in it, after a few minutes later, they went there again and recovered this gun and showed to the villagers to accused the villagers, said a man from the villager who did not say his name.

Besides, eight villagers from Shitapurika village had been arrested by BGP on October 19 and brought them to Zadi Para BGP camp where they were detained. The detainees are identified as—Moulvi Zalal including his younger brother and his uncle accompanied by 5 other villagers. They were severely tortured, said a villager named Hakim from the locality.

According to villagers of Maung Nama Alay, the same day, 15 villagers were arrested by BGP and army from Maung Nama Alay village of Maungdaw north including old and young while all the male villagers were fleeing from the village for fear of arrest and torture when the village was checked by BGP and army personnel. They destroyed all household things and looted gold ornaments from women villagers. Nearly one hundred armies and BGP accompanied by some local Rakhine villagers went to the villages of Maung Nama Alay and Maung Nama Alay and all valuable things including cattle, goats, cocks even knife, long knives were taken away by loading trucks. All the cookery pots were also destroyed.

The arrested villagers are identified as—Abdu Shukur 60, Noor Mohamed and his son, Sirazul Islam 65, Nurul Islam 65, Dil Mohamed 30, Nur Kamal 30, and  8 other villagers. They were brutally tortured and brought to BGP headquarters, said a village elder who denied to be named.

According to villagers, women were being checked in discriminately by army.

According to state media, security forces have killed at least 30 people since the raids on the police posts. A report of latest official figures shows at least 40 people are being held. According to unofficial report, many people had been killed and are being held. Detail of the killings and the ensuing lockdown by the military have proved difficult to confirm in the remote and tightly controlled area.

A Rohingya young boy Zoki said, “Military has been shooting Rohingya villagers and torching our villages in discriminately”.

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