Stranded Bangladeshi safely arrived to their home

Eighteen Bangladeshi National including two children were stranded in Maungdaw, northern Arakan following attacks by unidentified assailants on three separate police outposts including BGP headquarters on 9 October (Sunday), arrived safely to their home, according to Anuwar Hussin, an immigration officer from Teknaf land port.
The stranded Bangladeshi national arrived safely Bangladesh from Maungdaw township under northern Arakan by an engine boat on October 10, at around 6:00 pm, Anuwar more said.

Following attacks by unidentified assailants on three separate police outposts including BGP headquarters on 9 October, Burmese army, police and Burmese border guard police (BGP) controlled all the movement and stopped plying the vehicles on the road. The joint forces searched the strangers in Maungdaw hotels and villages at night on October 9. The joint forces arrested many local Rohingyas who can’t able to return back to their home from Maungdaw for blocking all the road by forces. The Bangladeshi national had their legal travel document with permission of visiting. There was no schedule boat for border trade, the Bangladeshi reserved an engine boat with help of Burma officials and Bangladeshi officials, said Haroon Rashid, a returned Bangladeshi said.

The arrested local Rohingya faith was unknown, hearing physically and mentally tortured in the custody of police station where they were detained, Haroon more added.

Lt. Col. Abujar Al Zahid from Teknaf Battalion No. 2 said that the situation of Teknaf border is completely under control. In addition, he said there was no intrusion as the border was totally high tight under control of Border guard Bangladesh (BGB).  We also ban to fishing in the Naf River for Bangladeshi.

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