Burmese cattle come Bangladesh for Qurbani – sacrificial festival

Burmese cattle and Buffaloes are recently being brought to Bangladesh from Burma with trawlers through Shapuri Dip corridor for Qurban – sacrificial festival (Eid-ul-Azah) by cattle traders, said Mojib Ullah from Shapuri Dip.
In August 2016, over 2,547 Burmese cattle were brought to Shapuri Dip, Bangladesh from Burma by trawlers and the Bangladesh government got profit over taka 12,70,200 from the cattle, he more added.

The Burmese cattle increased more in the month of September a head of sacrificial festival. The cattle had distributed in different districts— Cox’s Bazar Bazar, Chittagong and other parts of Bangladesh, but the prices of cattle are high, according to a custom staff Abdul Monan of Tekanf.

This year, Burmese cattle brought Bangladesh less than last year. In 2015, over 27,773 Burmese cattle were brought to Bangladesh from Burma by cattle traders, said a cattle trader Burkan Uddin.

Burkan Uddin also said that cattle traders are planning to bring over 15,000 Burmese cattle to Bangladesh from Burma ahead of festival.

However, on August 29, a meeting was held between businessmen and border security forces (BGB) to import – may be legal or illegal – more Burmese cattle in a head of Eid-ul-Azha, in September 2016, according to BGB officials.

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