BGP bars tin-sheets fencing in house compound in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arkan State:   Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) recently ordered to Rohingya villagers under Maungdaw Township not to fence with tin-sheets at their home compound as it makes obstacle of sight about family members in the compound, said Akil from the locality.
Earlier, villagers used bamboo to make house-fence for bamboo is available at that time, but now it becomes scarcity in the areas. As a result, villagers are using tin-sheets to fence for surrounding their home compound at present, he more added.

BGP asked villagers for fencing the compounds of homes by erecting concrete pillars with barbed-wire. It needs permission from BGP or other concerned authority by giving money, so, BGP and concerned authority can get money from Rohingya villagers, a village elder Masood form Maungdaw Town said.

But, most of the villagers are not able for fencing their homes, with pillars with barbed-wire because of costing more money than the tin-sheets fencing, he added.

BGP always see the Rohingya people as a blemish or ugly thing so that they can find faults against Rohingya villagers to disturb them mentally and physically, a village businessman from upper Maungdaw on condition of anonymity.

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