BGP open fire to woodcutters at Burma-Bangladesh border

Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) open fired, made one woodcutter injured at pillar No. 45 of Bangladesh-Burma border on July 27, Kobir Ahamed, a local from Naikoncahri said.
Two woodcutters – Jasim Uddin and Mohamed Amin from Bangladesh – went to the forest at Burma-Bangladesh border to collect firewood on July 27, at about 11:00 am.  A group of BGP personnel suddenly open fired at border areas where the two Bangladeshi woodcutters were cutting wood in Bangladesh side, one bullet hit Jasim’s right hand, Kobir said.

The BGP personnel fired two rounds of bullet in the areas, which injured Jasim Uddin (35), hailed from Jamchri village of Nainkonchari under the Bandarban district anMohamed Amin, another woodcutter said.

Being informed, the local villagers and the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) rushed to the spot and injured person was sent immediately to the Cox’s Bazar government hospital for treatment, Amin further said.

However, Lt. Col. Gulam Manonjur Siddik of BGB battalion No. 50 summoned villagers including village elders and held a meeting regarding the incident on July 28 and advised the villagers to stay carefully and not to go to border areas, according to BGB official.

BGB sent a condemned letter to BGP regarding the matter and asked them to hold a flag meeting regarding the event unconditionally, BGB official more added.

Earlier, BGP personnel and army killed and arrested many Bangladeshi woodcutters from the Bangladesh-Burma border, according to sources.

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