Fishermen again barred from fishing in Maungdaw

Rohingya fishermen of Maungdaw Township have been barred from fishing again by the Border Guard Police (BGP) of Burma since July 20, Rohim Uddin, a fisherman from Maungdaw said.
On that day, the commander of Aley Than Kyaw BGP camp ordered all the fishermen of Maungdaw south for not going to rivers to catch fish as the order came from high level authority, he added.

Earlier, the fishermen were also ordered by the said BGP commander not to go to rivers for fishing. It is the second time, the commander asked the fishermen.

Mostly fishermen of Aley Than Kyaw village, Buhamu Para (village), Sonhodda Bill (village), Gozzan Dia village, Modaina Para (village) and Khanpu Para (village) have been facing many difficulties to support their families as they have no alternative works to survive, a village fisherman Hashu said.

The fishermen have to go to rivers at least once a day for fishing, if they are not able to go to rivers or Naff River for fishing, they have to face difficulties to maintain their family members’ survival, Mohin, another villager said.

A fisherman, Rashel from the locality said “I have five family members and have to support them. So I am facing acute difficulties now.”

According to sources, the concerned authorities of Burma always discriminate the Rohingya people, try to cut off Rohingyas’ income sources, arbitrary arrest, extort money by giving false accusation and restrict the movement of Rohingya people.

At present, Rakhine villagers are confiscating the arable lands of Rohingya people who are living in IDP camps or who are living in their original villages with the collaboration of local concerned authority, so that Rohingya people become landless and jobless day by day, said Jalal Uddin Fakir from the locality.

The local authorities with the help of Arakan State ministers drive Rohingya people jobless and push them into ultra-poverty position, said a local youth on condition of anonymity.

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