October 16, 2021
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  • 11:10 pm Rohingya excluded from Covid vaccinations in Maungdaw
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  • 9:36 pm Time for Norway’s Telenor to come clean on involvement in Burma Army atrocities, say Rohingya
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Teknaf, Bangladesh: Burmese cattle are not being exported to Bangladesh from Burma through the transit point of Shapuridip recently because of high price and also the Bay of Bengal is very rough, Kamal, a cattle trader from Shapuridip said.
According to cattle traders of Bangladesh, they have temporally stopped to import cattle from Burma as they don’t get profit after selling cattle in the markets.

A cattle trader from Aley Than Kyaw of Maungdaw said, a medium cow is being sold 700,000 to 800,000 Kyat as the cattle are not coming from Burma proper.

The Bangladesh cattle traders will start to import cattle from Burma if the prices of cattle fall down. It is difficult to find beef (red meat) in the kitchen markets of Teknaf area, the cattle traders more added.

Mostly, cattle and buffalos come to Bangladesh from Akyab (Sittwee) and proper Burma by sea route; it needs to arrive at Shapuridip corridor at least three days, Jafor, another local trader said.

However, some cattle are being smuggled through the different entry points of Burma-Bangladesh border areas without the knowledge of concerned authorities, Jafor added.

At present, a kg of beef or red meat is being sold at Taka 550-600 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. People in Bangladesh believe that In the forthcoming Qurban( Eid-ul- Adha), the prices of Qurbani cattle will be skyrocketed, Hakim, a cattle butcher from Chittagong said.