Flood damages fodder, farmers face trouble to feed the cattle

Cattle farmers in Buthidaung Township are in trouble as recent flood – 4th  to 10th  July, damaged fodder for continuous heavy rain in the areas, said Petan Ali, a villager from Thinganet village of Taung Bazar of Buthidaung north.
“Many farmers have to go to highland for grazing their cows as the recent flood damaged grasses in the low-lying lands of Bogyi Chaung, Thin Ghanet and Yanma villages of Taung Bazar under the Buthidaung Township,” said Noor Ali, another villager.

“I had sold two cows from my five cows with low prices in the local area on July 10 as the recent flood damaged all the grasses at fields, causing acute crisis of green fodder in areas,” said farmer Rashid (45), from Bogyi Chaung village.

Many farmers in the villages are also facing in the same problem, he more added.

Rahman (50), of Bogyi Chaung village in Buthidaung area said he stocked 65 mounds (one mound= 40 kg) of hay for his five cows but at least 80 percent of the hay was damaged by the recent flood.

“I have decided to sell four cows from my seven cows as I find it difficult to collect green fodder and hay for rearing cattle at the village. All of the grass fields around my homestead were damaged by the recent flood,” a farmer Shaker from Yanma village said.

Hakim Bo, a Businessman said that farmers living in low land areas in the township are mainly dependent on cattle for tilling their lands to grow paddy but they are facing untold problem due to an acute green fodder crisis as all the grass fields in many areas have been damaged by the recent flash flood.

“Now one mound of hay is selling between Kyat 500 to 650 in the local area although it was Kyat 300 to 350 a month ago. Failing to afford— hay, oilcake— Farmers are selling their domestic animals for low prices,” said Saikip (40), a farmer from the locality.

“A couple of weeks ago, I used to get 3 to eight 4 liters of milk daily from my two cows but now the milk production has reduced to only 1and 1/2 liters due to shortage of fodder. The flood had washed away our preserved haystack, he more added.

“Damage of green fodder had by floodwater in many areas is a common scene during the rains. Many grass fields are still under floodwater. It would take months for new grass to grow after the water recedes,” Bashani said from Thinghanet village.

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