No renovation or new building permission in rural areas in Maungdaw: Township admin officer

U Hla Myint, the Maungdaw Township admin officer ordered all concerned villages admin officers not to issue any renovation or new building or house permission to any villagers recently, said Asharff , a village admin officer from Maungdaw north.
The township admin officer ordered to village admin officers to inform or send the person who wish to build or renovate permission to his office, Asharff said.

The Township officer issued the permission after getting money – per permission 300,000kyat and only issued five permissions only, said an officer from Township admin office.

The Township officer only deal through his office boy cum driver only, on other officer from his office, the officer more added.

The permission for renovate or new building is need only Rohingya community in Maungdaw and other community – Rakhine have no need to get permission, said Hamidul Rahaman, a house owner who give money for permission.

In Maungdaw, Rohingya need to follow to file documents- clearness from municipal if you are in municipal areas, or if you are in rural areas need clearness from village admin officer and concerned security force, land survey department clearness and then you will approach to Township admin office to get permission, Hamidul Rahaman said.

The Rohingya had to pay huge amount of money for getting all documents from the departments, and you have again to pay forest department to clear the using of woods are permitted. To clear all these, the Rohingya had to pay huge amount money. The poor Rohingyas family didn’t able to get the permission from the concerned department, said Jalil, a Rohingya villager who didn’t able to get the permission for his financial status.

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