Extort huge money for escaping from Army custody

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Army officer of Marrawaddy camp of Maungdaw south arrested a Rohingya youth and extorted Kyat one million for his younger who escape from army custody on June 16, Nur Hussain a local villager from Maungdaw said.  Army personnel arrested Ziaul Haque (20), son of Rohin Ullah, hailed from Khonzabill village under the Aley Than Kyaw village tract of Maungdaw township on June 16, for not able to find his younger brother Abdul Majid – escaped from the Army custody, Nur Hussain said.

On May 26, Abbdul Majid (17), the younger brother of Ziaul Haque was arrested by army from the Khonzabill village on suspicion that he had been using Bangladeshi mobile phone and detained in the camp. Army officer demanded huge money for his release but he refused to pay money. However, a few days later, he fled from the custody without the knowledge of army, Mohin, a villager said.

As a result, the army personnel raided many operations in the village and other places, but, they were not able to arrest Abdul Majid, then the army personnel arrested his elder brother Ziaul Haque on behalf of Abdul Majid (younger brother), he more added.

After that, army brought him to the Marrawaddy army camp where he was detained   and severally tortured in the custody, according to an aide of army.

However, on June 19, the village Admin officer Sayed Alam including some village elders went to the army camp and brought him after giving Kyat one million to the army officer, the aide more added.

It is a brutal behavior of army against the Rohingya community under the new NLD government. Name of the government is changed, but the policy over the Rohingya people is not changed, a Rohingya elder on condition of anonymity.

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