Hoof-and-mouth disease breaks out in Maungdaw

Hoof-and- mouth disease has been broken out at Maungdaw Township in Arakan State since June 11 that cause acute difficulties for paddy farmers in the areas, said a farmer Khadir from Maungdaw Town.
The paddy farmers have to plough their paddy fields in time to grow their paddy in the recent raining season, but the farmers are facing difficulties to till their paddy fields with their cattle- suffering from hoof-and-mouth-disease, he more added

However, the farmers of Maungdaw Township are totally depending on their cattle as they have no tractors. But, some tractors are present in Natala villages that had been provided by the government, another villager Samir said from the locality.

Villagers are still hoping that government will give help to the villagers for the treatment of their cattle. But, so far, any veterinarian did not come to their area to survey. Veterinarian has to collect samples from the field to diagnose identify the kinds of disease to determine whether it is seasonal outbreak or it has come from neighboring countries, an ex-schoolmaster said from Maungdaw south.

This disease is caused by a virus called enterovirus. This virus spreads easily through coughing, sneezing. It can also spread through infected stool. To control it from spreading to other areas, villagers are prohibiting people from moving their cattle and informing people not to eat meat from the animals that have died, according to a veterinarian from Maungdaw Town.

“We must separate the sick animals to control the spread of the disease. The outbreak occurred a week ago in Maungdaw Township and had killed none of cattle and goats, said Jamal from the villager.

The families and villagers in Maungdaw Township do not feed their cattle on farms but let them graze naturally, he added.

A farmer from Maung Nama village requested to concerned authority that to send medical team to their village for treatment of their cattle.

In Arakan State, in 2010, serotype A was again reported in Arakan State situated close to the border with Bangladesh. Mostly, in Burma, three types of disease such as—–Serotype O, Serotype Asia 1 and Serotype A were broken out in Burma.

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