Army officer tortures village Admin officer for money

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Rohingya village Admin officer was severely tortured in front of the villagers for not collecting money by an army officer of Moidan Para army camp under Alay Than Kyaw Police station, Maungdaw Township on June 10, Mohin from Maungdaw said.
The victim is identified as Sayed Alam, the village Admin officer of Khonzarbill village of Maungdaw south.

The army officer of Moidana Para army camp went to Khonzabill village and asked the Admin officer to collect money from the Rohingya villagers who renovated houses before the starting of rainy season, he more added.

But, the village admin officer refused to collect the money from villagers who repaired and renovated home, said Hamid, a village elder said.

On hearing it, the Army officer became very angry and started beating up severely the Admin officer in front of the villagers and his family members, Hamid, the villager elder more added.

However, the Admin officer was not able to file case against the army officer in police station because of concerned authority did not take any diary against the army officer, Nohim, another villager said.

Earlier, villagers renovated their houses with the permission of the Border Guard Police (BGP). The renovation matter is not concerned to army, but, the army personnel want money from Rohingya community as the areas becomes a lawless state in Burma, said Jabir, a trader from  Alay Than Kyaw.

“Rohingyas are the victims of torture and extortion,” said a youth Raki from the locality.

In northern Arakan, Rohingyas are barred from house renovation and to build new houses.

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