No security for Rohingya in Maungdaw

There is no security for Rohingya villagers who are educated or knowledgeable in the villages under Maungdaw Township as they complained or point out recently to concerned authority about village admin officer’s ill treatment to villagers, said, Tohid Alam, an elder from Maungdaw.
U Tin Maung, the Udaung village admin officer is discriminating and harassing the Rohingya villagers under his areas and harassed some educated persons who complained to the concerned authority against the Admin officer, extorting money from villagers earlier, he added.

The village Admin officer, U Tin Maung called some educated persons – Monzur (35), Hashim (40), Ayub (35) and Fayazu (40), all hailed from Udaung village –  to his office with the help of Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) to arrest them for complaining to concerned authority about the village admin officer forcefully extorting money from villagers, Jomir Uddin, a villager said.

As a result, the said four villagers have fleeing from the village to avoid arrest of BGP or Admin officer after admin officer summoned to village admin officer, said  Salauddin, a village elder said.

However, they have been hiding in different localities for fear of arrest for a week. The Admin officer also ordered to the villagers to arrest them anywhere and hand over to the Admin office or BGP, Somad, another villager said.

It is clear that no complaints against the government service men are not accepted by the authorities and if anyone tries to do that he/she will be punished, Lala, a village elder said.

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