Farmers face difficulties in Maungdaw

Some Rohingya farmers are facing difficulties for not growing paddy in their paddy fields in the upcoming rainy season due to tidal water, which destroyed many paddy fields in Maungdaw south since January 2016, Mohin from Maungdaw said. The tidal water is frequently entering into some paddy fields for breaking down the embankments of a stream. More than 20 acres of arable lands have been destroyed by the tidal water, he more added.

Mostly lands owners of Khonzabill village under the Aley Than Kyaw village tracts will face difficulties to support their family members in future, Korim Uddin, a farmer said.

Korim also said, the concerned authority is not taking any step to build the barrage of the stream, which is breaking down day by day. If the dike of the stream is not built, the tidal water will destroy more paddy fields in future after entering sea water.

However, the villagers request to the concerned authority to build the dyke of the stream to prevent the tidal water, said an elder named Malek.

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