Arbitrary arrest in Maungdaw Township

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) have been arbitrary arresting Rohinya villagers since ex-village Chairman Khobir Ahmed was shot to death in broad day light by unknown miscreants on May 24 at Powet Chaung village of Maungdaw north, said  Zabar Bawli from the locality.
On May 27, the BGP arrested present village Admin officer Abul Kalam (48), and his younger brother Hafez Noor Mohamed (25), son of Abul Boshor, Maung Nama village of Maungdaw Township. The arrestees were alleged that they had involved in the murder of ex-village chairman Khobir Ahmed, Zabar more added.

In similarly, the BGP also arrested another five villagers from Nari Bill village of Maungdaw north, on that day. Of them, four are identified as—Hafez Ahmed (40), son of Shori Hussain; Nasir Ahmed (27), son of Abdu Rashid; son of Du Du Meah; and Kala (55), son of Mohamed Shorif. Present village Admin officer of Nari Bill village is from Rakhine community, a local trader Hasu said.

The BGP are also trying to arrest many villagers from Powet Chaung village, so that many villagers tried to run away from the village for fear of arrest or to avoid arrest of BGP, a village elder Hakin Sadar said.

On May 24, at around 10 :00 am, two unknown miscreants with shotguns wearing water proof, masks on their face and hats on their heads, speaking fluent Burmese as disguise of police, riding motor bike, entered the room of village Admin office and shot to death the victim ex-Chairman Khobir Ahmed. In the meeting, there were 16 villagers including two women were present in the room and they were discussing about the village road building, which is connecting to Rakhine Powet Chaung and Rohingya Powet Chaung village, said Hamidul Rahaman, a treader from the village.

The Rakhine village (Powet Chaung) is only 100 yards away from the Admin office, in which the ex- village Chairman was killed, Hamidul Rahaman said.

After shooting the ex-village Chairman, the miscreants immediately ran away with motorbike from the scene towards the Powet Chang Rakhine village, Rahaman more added.

Villagers said that Khobir Ahmed was a good man and during his tenure he did not give any trouble to any local villager, so he has no enemy to kill him.  But, local authorities BGP accused that local villagers killed him and trying to arrest local villagers.

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