Authority orders to extend Maungdaw – Bossara highway in Maungdaw

The concerned authority of Maungdaw Township has recently ordered to the villagers -living in the area of highway – to   extend the highway road of Maungdaw-Bossara, Ramizuddin, a villager from Maungdaw said.
The concerned authority had already ordered to build 100 feet wide the old highway of Maungdaw south side, which crossing many different villages, he more added.

Nur Meah a villager said, mostly houses, mosques and a cemetery of Bossara village will be destroyed if the road is being broaden,

The villager also said that the trees of roadsides are being cut off and cleaned the road but the houses are still not destroyed, so far.

Similarly, many trees of Udaung and Myient Hlut villages had also been fallen down to clean the road sides, another villager Hafiz from Maugdaw said.

If their houses were destroyed, they would be in trouble. They will not get any compensation from the government, said an elder on condition of anonymity.

A businessman from Maungdaw said, “The authorities have no sympathy on Rohingya community, they always try to push the Rohingya people into troubles.”

As a result, the Rohingya villagers urge the concerned authorities not to make extension the road and not to destroy their houses in forthcoming rainy season, said a youth from the locality.

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