BGP harass Rohingya with so called warrant list of 2012

Myient Hlut Border Guard Police (BGP) personnel have been detaining a Rohingya villager on May 9 in their camp on allegation that he was enlisted in so called warrant list of 2012 violence – torching Rakhine villages, Abul Hussin, an elder from the village.
The detainee has been identified as— Habibullah (55), hailed from Udaung village under the Maungdaw Township, Johur Meah said.

According to villagers, Habibullah is an innocent man, not involved any activities during the clash between Rohingya and Rakhine in 2012. During the clashes many Rohingya villagers were killed, injured and detained in Buthidaung jail.

Besides, another villager Moulvi Ashar Ali was also arrested by the BGP personnel, the same night over the same allegation but he was released after severally beating up as BGP didn’t get his name in the warrant list, said an aide of BGP.

However, Habibullah is being detained and severally tortured in the BGP custody. But, he was not released till writing the report, according to a relative.

The BGP and other security force – police, intelligent service personnel and village admin officers- are using so called a warrant list which made by all department to harass Rohingya community – especially Rohingya youths – to drive out from their home land. The security forces hunting the Rohingya people to arrest, to extort and to runway from homeland for fear of arrest. The security force still using the so called warrant list to harass Rohingya community and to run from their home land, said Nur Hussin, a businessman from the locality.

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