No more fishes in Maungdaw

The fishes are not available and price go to sky-high in Maungdaw since the Burma border guard police (BGP) barred the fishing men to go to the sea, said Abdul Hakim, a fishery broker from Maungdaw.
The BGP director general U Aung Khine ordered BGP out post of Maung Ni village to block and bar the fishing men from Maungdaw south – Maug Ni village- to go to the sea for fishing since 1st week of April, Abdul Hakim said.

The BGP director who recently transferred to Maungdaw BGP headquarters and making more tight to the people especially Rohingya community in their social network – work, movement. He issued the ordered after an informer was stabbed and murdered in Pa Dinn (Fatanzar-Bad Dil) by unknown person at night, said Anwer, a fishing man from Maung Ni. “We are not able to work and not able to go to the sea for fishing. Our families become starvation. Who is blamable for our starvation?”

Now, one kilogram of fishes went to 10,000kyats which was before only 5000 kyats in Maungdaw market, how the city people can able to get the fishes. The supply of fishes is blocked by authority, said Arif, a businessman from Maungdaw.

“In market, only a few fishes come but the demanded is very high, not able to buy the fishes,” Arif more said.

The BGP also harassed the local people from Maung NI, Pa Dinn, Pandaw pin village for murdered of authority informer. The police and BGP extorted money from the villagers using the murder case as an advantage tools, said Halim, a human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.

No young people are able to stay in their home for fear of arrest and no one want to face the security force for fear of extorting money, Halim more added.

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