Maungdaw police officer extorts money for neighbor’s verbal quarrel

Kyaw Aye Hlaing, officer in charge of Maungdaw police station extorted 700000 kyats from two neighbor living in Bomu village under block number 2 of Maungdaw said Halim, a human rights watch dog from Maungdaw.
The two neighbors – Abu Talef and Nur Alam- are living in Bomu village since long, verbal quarreled for social behavior on April 15, but it was finished within short time, Halim said.

But, the block admin officer- Yousuf- informed to Maungdaw police station like a big quarrel where the two neighbor become bloodsheds. The Maungdaw police station in charge sent a group of police personnel to the area to arrest the two neighbor and to bring to the police station, said Ahmed, an elder from the village.

The two neighbors explained the officer that they were quarrel of verbal and they settled themselves, nothings were happening while their verbal quarrel to other villagers and against the social behavior to villagers, Ahmed more added.

But, the police officer -Kyaw Aye Hlaing- demanded 500000 kyats from Abu Talef and 200000 kyats from Nur Alam to release. If not, the police will keep them in police custody and will file case against them, said Jafor, a relative of victim according to Police officer.

After receiving the 700000kyats, the two neighbors were released from the police station, said Jafor.

“It is the law and order in border town under the new government as the officer was just transfer to Maungdaw before one week,” said Rahim, a student from Maungdaw.

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