Building owner faces difficult for rent of Block admin officer

A building owner is facing problem for six month rent of block admin office as the admin officer denied to pay the rent, according to Munaf, the building owner.
Munaf has 25 rooms of shopping line in his family compound near clock tower and in front of electricity supply office and on the road of Maungdaw-MaungNi village. Munaf rented the rooms as shops and only one as office where Yousuf forced to rent room for block number 2 admin office, Munaf more said.

Yousuf is the admin officer of block number 2 and a collaborator of high level government officers of Maungdaw, especially with township and district admin officers with police head, said Halim, a human rights watch dog from Maungdaw.

Munaf shopping line situated in Block number 2 which is under control of Yousf and refused to pay the rent as not getting fund from the government. But, He is forcefully collecting money villagers under block 2 to build the admin office since January. He received millions of kyats for building, Halim said.

“If the admin officer is not paying the rent of admin office, other ordinary public will pay the rent to their rented building or houses to the house owner,” Halim more added.

Munaf knocked the door of township and district admin offices and police station, but he did not get any action against Yousuf. Yousf is their partner for informing and illegal business – extortion money, said Anis Ullah, an ex-teacher from Maungdaw.

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