Arrested for receiving guest to stay at home

Burmese border guard police (BGP) arrested a Rohingya for receiving three guests to stay at his home on April 15 in Maung Nama village, Maungdaw, said Rabe Alam, a trader from the village.
Being informed, three BGP personnel from Min Gala Gyi (Peran Pru) BGP camp, under BGP area number 6, Maungdaw, went to Maung Nama village and arrested three guests – wife and Husband with their child – and the house owner -Ali Ahmed (30), son of Baru for receiving the guest to stay at his home on April 15, at night, Rabe Alam more said.

All the arrested people were brought to the Min Gala Gyi (Peran Pru) BGP camp, where the house owner was released after taking 1.2 million kyats and the three family members were detained in BGP custody, said Majed, an elder from the village.

“The family members are the relative of house owner and they came to Maung Nama for seeing their ailing mother from other village. They were living before in the village but left the village since two years for their survival and situation,” according to village admin office.

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