Village admin officer blocks family list checking process

Yousuf, the block number 2, admin officer, from Maungdaw township, blocked the processing of family list checking to more than 100 families – person travel to Rangoon for medical and person released from jail and asking hug amount of money to process recently, said Halim, a Human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.
Yousuf asked 500,000 kyats from the family who has a person visited to Rangoon for medical treatment and 50,000 kyats from the family which has a person recently released from the jail, Halim more said.

The Rohingya villagers complain to the concerned authority – District and township admin offices- about demanding hug amount of money to process the family list checking, but no one is taking any action against him- Yousf, Halim more added.

“Other block admin officer demand 3000 kyats form a released prisoner to process his/her family list checking, but Yousuf demand 50,000 kyats,” Halim added.

Nur Mohamed, owner of watch shop, said if the admin officer asked to pay 100000 kyats, we will not process the family list checking and asking why the concerned authority – District and township admin offices- didn’t taking any action on the complaint against him.

The concerned authorities are helping him to extort money from Rohingya villagers where they are also partners on extorting and sharing the extort money, said Kalam , an elder from Maungdaw.

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