House fires kill two and two seriously injure in Maungdaw

Two young boys were killed and another two boys were seriously injured in house fires on April 10 at Pawet Chaung (Faul Khali) village under Thet Chaung (Balu Khali) village tract, Maungdaw, said Rashid, a local elder from the village.
The fire broke out accidently from a house on April 10 at around 7:30 PM and the fire engulfed some adjoining dwellings and gutted in short time which burnt into ash – eight houses, two cow shacks, eight goats burnt to death, and four boys were seriously injured, he more added.

The seriously injured boys were sent to Maungdaw general hospital immediately from the house fires spot, but two were died on April 11 and other two boys were also in critical condition, said Hakim, a businessman from locality.

Local Villagers accompanied by fire fighters’ vehicles (one from Maungdaw town and two from BGP headquarters) rushed to the spot and the fire was doused after nearly two hours, Hakim more added.

The Nga Khura BGP Battalion Commander himself went to the spot and helped the fire victims and also put out the fire along with local villagers. But, the Camp-in-Charge of Powet Chaung barred the local villagers who wanted to go to extinguish the fire films, Mohamed Jalil, a trader from the village.

The owners of the houses lost all their properties and estimated Kyat 160 million gone astray, Lalu, another villager elder said.

The fire victims did not get any help from government or NGOs; and only receiving from neighboring villagers, he more added.

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