No proper treatment for Bangladeshis in Burmese jails

Maungdaw, Arakan State: There is no proper medical treatment for Bangladeshi people who have been languishing in the Burmese jails without trials since long, Mohin from Maungdaw said.
The Bangladeshi people are languishing in Burmese jails in bad condition that they don’t get any adequate food, treatments, medicines and clothes from the jail authorities, a prisoner from the jail said on condition of anonymity.

“It is very difficult for us as we are not able to hire lawyers,” the prisoner more added.

Hamid Hussin, a local from Leda locality under the Teknaf police station said, “Many Bangladeshi people are languishing in different Burmese jails but the concerned authorities of Bangladesh are not working for them.”

Some Bangladeshi prisoners are identified as—Mohamed Shohel (27); Mohamed Younus (26), son of Zohir Ahamed; Abu Taher (40) and Saddam Hossain (24), son of Shomsul Alam. They all are from Leda and Nayapara union under the Teknaf police station, Hamid more added.

According to prisoners’ family sources, they went to Bay of Bengal to catch fish six years ago, but they didn’t return home after fishing. They were caught from the Bay of Bengal by Nasaka (former Burmese Border security force) during the fishing.

However, the families of prisoners urge to the concerned authorities of Bangladesh to bring prisoners and they also urge to the Burmese government to release all Bangladeshi prisoners from the jails, the family sources further said.

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